Platz da!

2015 & 2016
Radio, Performance

The radio-ballet „Platz da!“ deals with sexism, racism, surveillance and exclusions in public spaces. The performance switches back and forth between addressing existing injustices and evoking collective intervention.

The radio-ballet is a performative form of action, a subversive-creative-collective and individual street protest in which  people gather in a public place. Everyone listens to the same radio program with instructions and suggestions for movements that may or may not be performed together. Participants of the radio-ballet appropriate the public space and transform it into a stage. The feminist radio ballet „Platz da!“ is an aesthetic strategy to suspend norms and to leave behind questions and confusion. For the passers-by, an irritating but also rousing spectacle is created.

Below you can find excerpts from the script of the radio ballet „Platz da!“.

In collaboration with Gitti Vasicek.
Created in the context of Feminismus & Krawall for the International Women’s Day in Linz 2015 and 2016.


Photo: © Petra Moser