Handbuch Biometrie Hacken

2019, Print

Handbuch Biometrie Hacken


Biometric systems, we are confronted with them every day: Whether facial recognition software in public spaces or fingerprint sensors on our smartphones. Biometric systems are mainly used for various forms of access control: privacy protection, national borders or even various borders within public space. This regulates questions such as: Who has access to what information? Who is allowed to go/stay where?

This manual deals with different ways of tricking biometric systems. This may involve making one’s own biometric characteristics unrecognizable or attacking biometric systems. Since biometric systems can be a means of surveillance and control, among other things, this handbook is intended as a contribution to reflection on and criticism of these systems.

Print: Buchladen Schwarze Risse, oh*21 or anna.kraher@servus.at
PDF: Handbuch Biometrie Hacken .PDF (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)